Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Period Drama Challenge

My period drama blog has been without updates for quite a few months now.  As you can see, I haven't posted anything since my first post, "The Suspension of Disbelief", which I published in October.  It is now January.  I have been working on another post, but it has been taking longer than I expected.  I promise I will post more regularly from now on.

On another note, I have decided to join in the period drama challenge that Miss Laurie at Old-Fashioned Charm is hosting!  Whoever joins in this challenge must watch and review period films in the time between January 7th and July 7th.  I'm planning to watch and review eight films, which is the "Period Film Lover" level.  I may review more than eight films, but it depends upon whether or not I will have enough time.  I will try nevertheless!  I look forward to reviewing the films I will watch!  


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  1. Thanks for joining in this challenge! I look forward to reading your reviews! :)